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Welcome To Fort Wallace Museum

Home of the "Fightin'est Fort in the West"

Sunday, April 28 at 6 PM MDT
Fort Wallace Memorial Association  annual meeting for the election of Board Members and Officers, as well as annual reports and reviews. A short program will be presented and refreshments will be offered. Members of the FWMA may vote. Lifetime memberships in the Fort Wallace Memorial Association may be purchased before the meeting at a cost of $100.
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Our friend Michael Murphey will be performing during the Big Kansas Road Trip May 2-5 at the Fort Wallace Museum. Sponsored by the Murphey Western Institute, this will be free to the public. What an amazing time this will be!!! We can't thank Murph enough for supporting us and our efforts to share the stories of Fort Wallace and the American West.

An Evening with Michael Martin Murphey
8:00 pm MT/9:00 pm CT
Thursday, May 2nd, Friday, May 3rd and Saturday May 4th
on the grounds of the Fort Wallace Museum
Bring your own chair

MMM solo

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Deb’s Fort Wallace Cemetery Tours (Thurs, Fri., Sat. at 5:00 pm MT/6:00 pm CT)

Pump Organ Jubilee on Sat. May 4th from 3-4 pm MT/4-5 pm CT when there will be a mass playing of Home on the Range on multiple pump organs. 



May 2-5, 2019 ~ Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace counties

The three showcase counties are located in northwest Kansas - Cheyenne (Bird City, St. Francis-county seat, Wheeler), Sherman (Edson, Goodland-county seat, Kanorado) and Wallace (Sharon Springs-county seat, Wallace, Weskan).
Cheyenne shares the border with Colorado and Nebraska and Sherman and Wallace with Colorado. These counties are part of an active tourism group, the Northwest Kansas Travel Council, promoting this region of Kansas. As you travel to this area in 2019 you'll find their promotional materials handy for sightseeing along the way. 
Portions of all three counties are part of the Land Sky Kansas Scenic Byway (88 miles along K-27 between Sharon Springs and Nebraska) and Wallace County is part of the Western Vistas Historic Byway (a 100 mile route from Lake Scot north on U.S. 83 to Oakley, then west on U.S. 40 to Sharon Springs). Learn more by clicking on the highlighted links.

Big Kansas road trip attractions

rail and coach

Celebrating 150 years since the arrival of the Kansas Pacific Railroad and the

history of the Butterfield Overland Despatch

All this in addition to the fabulous Ft. Wallace Museum!

Mark your calendars for July 12th, 13th and 14th, 2019

The 2019 rifle raffle for the Fort Wallace Memorial Association is a new reproduction Stage coach Shotgun and Mason conversion Pistol.   Support
Fort Wallace Museum
2655 Highway 40
Wallace, KS 67761
(785) 891-3564
You can find the Fort Wallace Museum on Google Map and  travel KS      clio
Fort Wallace Memorial Association  is  501(c)3 organization set up to run the Fort Wallace Museum.
  Please contact the Museum about making a donation.
Fort Wallace Memorial will take donations through Pay Pal. .
Free admission with a suggested donation of $7 per adult.

Winter hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat.   Nov. through the 2nd Sunday of March
10am-4pm Mountain Time

Summer hours:  2nd Sunday of March through October 31
9am-5 pm Monday-Saturday and 1-5 pm Sunday Mountain Time

Exploring the Museums of Northwest Kansas

wagon exploring museums

The Fort Wallace Museum is the perfect place for your family to explore! The Museum will be opening its brand-new exhibit space in the Milford Becker Addition, where you can experience Fort Wallace and the Old West in a new, exciting way! Take a seat in the reproduction BOD Stagecoach, see the facades of buildings from Wallace County History and crane your neck to see a 40-foot plesiosaur fossil found in 1867! Located just east of the town of Wallace on Highway 40! 

FWMA coach