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Welcome to the Fort Wallace Museum

Home of the "Fightin'est Fort in the West"

main street

In the future,  you can walk down the Main Street at Fort Wallace Museum.

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December 1 at 6:26pm

What a fun day at the Fort Wallace Museum, as we welcomed our new elasmosaurus platyurus fossil friend to the new Milford Becker North Addition! It takes a big house to hold a 40-foot long resident! A few scenes of Museum folks at work and play!!

hanging of skelton

The past year has been full of many blessings for the Fort Wallace Memorial Association, including gifts from Harrison Flats Township, the Les Frasier and Snick Harrison memorials and the Garvey Texas Foundation. In late 2012, the organization was informed that they had been included in the estate of late local resident Milford Becker. This gift currently totals $700,000 with the last of his estate still to be settled. This singularly amazing gift will impact the FWMA for many years to come.

The board and friends of the Association have been meeting and discussing the ways to best honor Milford and fulfill the responsibility of using this money in the most fitting way possible! Come join with our organization as we strive to make Wallace County a great place to live and to celebrate our history and culture!

Get 'Em, Boys!

The 7th Cavalry was a force to be reckoned with in the American West.  Stationed out of Ft. Wallace, these men engaged in numerous battles with nearby Indian tribes.  Shown here in a Jerry Thomas painting, Captain Albert Barnitz led the famed 7th Cavalry to their first fight with the Indians.

Now you can own a copy of this fantastic painting.
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