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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Fort Wallace Museum
2655 Highway 40
Wallace, KS 67761
(785) 891-3564

Directions to get to the Museum:
Google Map

Other phone numbers:
    (785) 891-3707        (Jayne Pearce, President of the Fort Wallace Memorial Association)

Become a Member or Guardian of the Fort Wallace Memorial Association!    * Fort Wallace Memorial  Association Support *
    It only costs $100 to be a life-time member of the Fort Wallace Memorial Association.
    Contact Museum directly on how ot become a Guardain of the Fort Wallace Museum.
    You will receive our Summer newsletters and hear first-hand about everything going on at the museum.   
    All you need to do is send your name, address, e-mail address, and membership fee to the address below.  Please make checks payable to: Fort Wallace Memorial Association.

Fort Wallace Museum
2655 Highway 40
Wallace, KS 67761
(785) 891-3564
You can find the Fort Wallace Museum on Google Map and  travel KS      clio

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Free admission with a suggested donation of $7 per adult.

Winter hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat.   Nov. through the 2nd Sunday of March
10am-4pm Mountain Time

Summer hours:  2nd Sunday of March through October 31
9am-5 pm Monday-Saturday and 1-5 pm Sunday Mountain Time

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter