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Ongoing Projects
History is not dead, and we must not let it be forgotten.
The Fort Wallace Museum and members of the Fort Wallace Memorial Association
are  working hard to ensure that future generations will find it impossible
to forget the past.  To this end, we have several projects currently underway.

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The Fort Wallace Fossil

 “How a Western Kansas plesiosaur swam into history!”

by Jayne Humphrey Pearce

It was a fun “welcome home” party on Tuesday, December 1st, as the Fort Wallace Museum celebrated a milestone with the exhibit installation of the cast of “Thof’s Dragon,” the elasmosaurus platyurus cope plesiosaur that was an interesting part of the history of FortWallace and early paleontology. The Museum’s new Milford Becker North Addition was designed with this particular fossil in mind; the skeleton measures around 40 feet long, with a ribcage about 4 feet deep, 4 foot-foot long flippers and weighs about 600 pounds total. The “elasmo” was placed in front of a large artistic mural representing a late Cretaceous Period inland sea painted by Valarie Smith Rivera over the past week.

The installation of the fossil was the culmination of a remarkable story of cooperation between the Fort Wallace Museum, Triebold Paleontology of Woodland Park, Bryce Walker, McKinney Cattle, the Drexel University Academy of Natural Sciences in Philiadelphia, PA, and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, as well as by the amazing gift from Wallace resident Milford Becker. Each of these entities made significant contributions to make possible the re-telling of the compelling story of the Fort Wallace surgeon who discovered the fossil remains in 1867 at the McCallister Buttes.

A fine crew of helpers and onlookers was at the museum to make the new resident feel at home; they included Bryce Walker, Lyle Hammer, Darius Bussen, Cecil Pearce, Von Sherer, Valarie Smith Rivera, Lynn Kirkham and Ron Blaesi. Mike Triebold sent employees Jacob Jett and Beau Buffington to deliver the fossil casts from the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, where fossils are prepared, cast and exhibited to the public. The agreement between the parties also included the cast of a mosasaurus skull that was found in Wallace County in 2014; this four foot-long skull will be included in the new exhibit.
The Fort Wallace Museum will have a busy winter preparing all aspects of the new exhibits in the North Addition. They invite you to stay tuned for more interesting happenings!

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