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Sites and Resources

The Fort Wallace Museum represents just a small part of Kansas history. Please visit these links to find out more information about other museums and organizations.


Historical Information:

Other Resources

Western Vistas
This is a major stopping point along the Western Vistas Historic Byway. The museum interprets history of the area and is an ideal location to distribute information concerning the remainder of the byway (in either direction).


vistor bureauFort Wallace was established in 1865 to protect travelers on the Smoky Hill Trail and subsequently the building of the Kansas Pacific Railway in the late 1860s.

Exploring the Museums of Northwest Kansas

wagonexplore logopassport
The Fort Wallace Museum is the perfect place for your family to explore! The Museum will be opening its brand-new exhibit space in the Milford Becker Addition, where you can experience Fort Wallace and the Old West in a new, exciting way! Take a seat in the reproduction BOD Stagecoach, see the facades of buildings from Wallace County History and crane your neck to see a 40-foot plesiosaur fossil found in 1867! Located just east of the town of Wallace on Highway 40! 


Fort Wallace Museum
2655 Highway 40
Wallace, KS 67761
(785) 891-3564
You can find the Fort Wallace Museum on Google Map and  travel KS      clio
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Free admission with a suggested donation of $7 per adult.

Winter hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat.   Nov. through the 2nd Sunday of March
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Summer hours:  2nd Sunday of March through October 31
9am-5 pm Monday-Saturday and 1-5 pm Sunday Mountain Time